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How To Lose Weight and Break Up On Facebook

How To Lose Weight and Break Up On Facebook

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  • When it comes to Shay, you can tell what he's been up to...losing weight. We threw up a picture comparing the last time her was on the show and it looked like a completely different person. As for his secret, he told us, "I'm an extremist. So it's either like, I'll grow a huge beard and get really fat, or then I'll just run and be really skinny." And we believe him since after that, Shay kind of went a little "Tom Cruise" on the set.

    Julia Allison is also keeping busy, and recently wrote an article about managing relations on social networks. She started off by joking, "Please don't break up with me. That's my tip." Then she explained that breaking up or changing relationship status online is serious business with real emotional ramifications. The conversation quickly turned back to laughs though, as Shay made a public plea for someone to ask Julia out on a date.

    Watch the whole hilarious segment, right here.

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