Sadly, This Hoverboard Video Is A Hoax

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  • Sadly, This Hoverboard Video Is A Hoax

    After going viral on YouTube this week with three million views it’s been established that the vide of a real working hoverboard is a hoax.

    The hoverboard, an anti-gravity skateboard, has captured the imaginations of the public since appearing in the Back To The Future films. When would hoverboards be real? The answer is probably never.

    But for a moment this week, we hoped. Actor Christopher Lloyd, known for playing Doc Brown in the BTTF films, endorsed this Huvr product in the video, sharing it with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and musician Moby, among other celebrity endorsers.

    Turns out the whole thing was probably crafted by the people at Funny or Die. Darn it. Sorry, Marty McFly. Looks like anti-gravity skateboards are still a long way off.

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