New Sports Comedy, “Intramural” Features A Comedy-Star-Studded Cast

This looks like one sports comedy even people who are extremely indifferent about sports can enjoy.
By Molly Semes
  • Intramural Official Trailer (2014) Sports Comedy HD

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    Every second of this trailer seems to show another hilarious comedian in the cast, so I can’t wait to see the laughs this movie will deliver! “Intramural,” will be in the Tribeca Film Festival near the end of April.

    The film that was backed by a Kickstarter campaign was written by Andrew Lee and features Kate McKinnon, Jay Pharoh, Jake Lacy, and Beck Bennett, and many more comedians I’m sure you’ll recognize. The plot looks like a funny mix between an American-Pie-type story and a parody of an inspirational sports movie. With a fun story like that and that team, how can it disappoint? I know nothing about sports, but I’m rooting for this movie for the Air Bud reference in the trailer alone. Check out the trailer for yourself and try not to laugh!