Shaq Smahes Brent Barry’s Guitar

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  • Shaq singing Jessie’s Girl and smashing Brent Barry’s Acoustic Guitar

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    Remember that time Shaquille O’Neal broke the backboard in a basketball game? Remember when he had a short acting career? Well, now you can see examples of both his power and acting in this video.

    Former NBA player Brent Barry just wanted to perform some of his favorite acoustic works for a select group of people, but Shaq disagreed with Barry’s choice of music. Shaq wanted to play classics such as “Jessie’s Girl,” instead of Barry’s more contemporary choices, so he smashed his guitar. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if this was real at first because of the “great” acting; they both kept straight faces throughout the video. Then, Shaq started singing and it killed the tension a little.

    What we can learn from this occurrence is not to mess with Shaq, and that he should ultimately stick with a career in sports analysis rather than singing or acting.

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