Lost Bet Turns Into Intersection Dance Party

Think dancing near a busy street for 30 minutes is a cruel and unusual punishment? This guy and some cool pedestrians turn it into a party.
By Molly Semes
  • Brother Bets- Street dancing

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    This guy’s brother may be better than him at basketball, but I think he takes the cake when it comes to hosting dance parties with random strangers. Which one of those seems like a more useful skill? I’d definitely say intersection dance party hosting.

    Andrew Wilcox bet on a one on one basketball game with his brother and lost 3 times. This resulted in him having to dance in a busy intersection for 30 minutes to whatever music the brother chose. I’d definitely say that this started out as a punishment, but ended up as a reward. Come one, he made some new friends and got to show off his sweet dance moves! …And he’s a pretty good dancer!! (that backflip and that switch leap, though.)

    Honestly this video kind of makes me want to go dance in the middle of an intersection and hope people join me. Would you join in my impromptu street dance party?