The 5 New Faces of Katy Perry

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  • Katy Perry – Birthday (Official)

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    Would you want Katy Perry at your birthday party? Of course! (If you said no, you’re wrong.) However, I’m not so sure anyone would want her there as some of the characters in her new “Birthday” video.

    Katy Perry’s new video for “Birthday” features Katy as the 5 worst birthday party entertainers and it’s hilarious! I honestly can’t tell if she actually went to all these birthday parties or if they are actors. I really hope that she actually ruined these people’s parties and then made them by revealing that she’s Katy Perry! Now that’s the type of prank I can get behind. Some things in the video I really do hope are fake though, like Kriss the clown causing a car accident!

    The only reveal that is shown in the video is her turning from the indifferent teenage princess, Mandee into herself. Seeing that the disappointing princess is actually a pop star delights the crowd of girls with terribly done face makeup, (the makeup that Katy herself butchered.)

    However Mandee is just one ridiculous character that the magic of makeup and Katy’s improvisation brought to life. Katy can also be seen as Goldie, the aged dancer; the controversial Yosef Shulem, a Jewish MC; Kriss the Clown who only really has an interest in drinking and not making balloon animals; and Ace the Animal Trainer who does not have control over his animals.

    Check out the video to see all the hilarious situations that Katy gets herself into as these characters! Let us know in the comments what you think of this video and Katy’s alter egos.

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