Five YouTube Videos To Make You Happy Today

These are random, but watch them all: a little Darth Vader hugs R2D2, a pig eats a cookie, and Charlie Day sings.
By Gaby Dunn
  • Darth Lily & Lego R2D2

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    It’s mid-week. Things are sucky. Here are five videos to keep you from ending it all by jumping in front of a train.

    This one’s going viral now: A cute Darth Vader cosplayer named Lily meet L3-G0, a Lego R2D2, in her Darth Vader costume with pink sparkles on the cape. R2 is at first scared of Darth Lily but then she diffuses him with a hug.

    It’s so cute I want to air-choke someone.

  • Sleeping Pig Woken Up With A Cookie

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    Repost this on Facebook with the hashtag #selfie. You know it’s true.

  • Horrible Bosses: They Call Me Stacy (car scene)

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    Charlie Day is in the news today because of the amazing graduation speech about failure he gave at Merrimack, but this is probably the best thing he’s ever done.

    Yes, even better than Green Man. COME AT ME. THAT’S NOT MY NAME.

  • sporty

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    Kyle Mooney is now a big star on Saturday Night Live, but before that he made hilarious videos for YouTube with various characters. This one, a guy wearing a sports jacket, is maybe my favorite video to ever exist.

    Mooney is so so perfect and wheezingly funny in this skewering parody of sports fans. I watch this maybe five times a week minimum.

  • How Long Should You Wait To Have Sex With Someone?

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    Allison and Gaby answer your sex and love questions! They know nothing! It’s part of a series of one minute videos with terrible advice.

    In this one they ask, “How long should you wait before having sex with a new person?” Hours? Weeks? MONTHS? MONOGAMY?!?!?!?