Roseanne Told A Comic To Go F Himself On TV Last Night

On Last Comic Standing's premiere, Ben Kronberg ruffled some feathers and sparked an online controversy.
By Gaby Dunn
  • Roseanne Tells Comic To Go F Himself

    On last night’s premiere of Last Comic Standing, judge Roseanne told comedian Ben Kronberg to go eff himself (without the eff!) after he opened his set with a nearly silent bit. Watch it above to understand better what Kronberg is going for. (The punchline is actually super clever.)

    Complaining he was wasting too much of the audience’s time and was being arrogant, Roseanne criticized Kronberg’s performance and ended with the insult. Kronberg took to social media to say the producers had assured the comics that the environment would be “comic-friendly” and started the hashtag #GoFuckYourselfBen.

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  • There’s also a website where people can send Kronberg their own videos telling him the same thing Roseanne did, and the replies are pouring in.

    On Twitter, other comics have come out in support of the Denver-bred Kronberg arguing the show’s editing killed his otherwise hilarious bit — but some viewers of the show criticized his attitude as smug.

    His comedy, which has been showcased on Comedy Central’s Half Hour and John Oliver’s New York Stand Up show, is very slow and measured. Kronberg generally takes his time and is okay with audiences experiencing uncomfortable silences. You can check out more of his work here.

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    Like him or not, Kronberg’s the only contestant from the polarizing NBC show that the Internet is talking about the next day, so maybe he got exactly what he wanted.

    What do you think of Kronberg’s performance? Was Roseanne right to call him out? Let us know in the comments.