First Look of iPhone 6 Model

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  • The iPhone 6 Model!

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    It looks like Apple is giving the iPhone a pretty drastic design change! But, we were all expecting that…right?

    Most noticeably, Apple seems to be competing with what would seem to be the Android size standard with a new 4.7″ screen which seems to dwarf the old 4″ screen in this video. Also missing from this iPhone 6 model are the sharp edges and corners first introduced on the iPhone 4. Now, the phone’s design seems to be somewhat of a hybrid between the new iPad design and the iPod Touch. In fact, this new iPhone 6 dummy model is just as thin as the current iPod Touch.

    So, how confident should we be that this is what the new iPhone will look like? Well, in the video, tech-vlogger Marques Brownlee puts the phone in a pre-production iPhone 6 case, and it fits perfectly! So, what do you think about this radical re-design of questionably the most popular phone in the world? Personally, this is the first iPhone I’m actually intrigued to try as an avid Android user…I’ve gotten pretty used to the bigger screen size.

    Would you buy this new iPhone? Or will you hold out hope that Apple releases a second mode that’s closer to what their current iPhones are now? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @WhatsTrending!

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