Get ready for a Snack Attack!

And enjoy this apPEELing video, ok I'll stop now.
By Gillian Burnett
  • Butter Ya’Self

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    Artist and Animator Julian Petschek has created the best rap video period. Its got everything from money and hoes, to a well balanced breakfast. This stop-motion animated short tells the story of the streets, the grocery streets to be more specific. Ok, ok I hate myself for that one, but I regret nothing!

    Anyway this story depicts the fabulous life of one hard core banana, a stylish bread bun and hype butterman. Growing up in the grocery isle and getting to the refrigerator isn’t easy, but these foods made it happen.

    “Created by Julian Petschek at The California Institute of the Arts

    ButterKrust vocals & lyrics by Katrina Recto

    Nana Splits’ vocals by Jacob Gibson

    Beat production & Sweet Cream vocals by DJ Petroleum Jelly”

    For more info go to Soundcloud: