Are You Ready For “The Fault In Our Stars?”

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  • Today is the day. While it’s not June 6th everywhere, the page-to-screen adaptation is already in theaters in many places, including the UK and the Philippines. But let’s be real, how many nerdfighters and hardcore TFIOS fans out there are ACTUALLY going to wait until June 6th? Many of us have already gone online and bought tickets to tonight’s special screening of the movie, which has a live simulcast with the author, director and cast following the movie.

    Those with conflicting time restraints took to Fandango to buy their tickets for any late night showings of the movie ahead of time, actually breaking Fandango records for a romantic drama.

    The movie is already raking in critical acclaim, being compared to Titanic by Vanity Fair and receiving 4 out of 4 stars buy Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun Times. In fact, so many outlets are singing the movies praises that John Green himself conveniently compiled a master list on his Tumblr.”

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  • With the movie being so close to being a very real thing for the rest of the world, John Green went back to his Internet roots and chatted with iJustine. During the interview, they talked about the YouTube community and assured viewers that no matter what changes come to YouTube, the community will remain.

    John and Justine also mutually fangirled over the city of Pittsburgh, and actor Willem Dafoe. Dafoe, who plays the author of Hazel Grace Lancaster’s favorite book, Peter Van Houten. Turns out that John Green actually grew up down the street from Dafoe’s parents!

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  • John Green also talked with Hannah Hart about the movie and they both showed relief that the movie was a good and faithful adaptation of the book. Since Hannah is now an author of her own book (foreword by John Green), she decided to put both of their writing skills to the test with The Hemmingway Challenge.

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  • Even noted motivational speaker, Paralympian, and author Joshua Sundquist decided to share his excitement for the movie. Sundquist tells us 8 facts about the movie that we otherwise might not have known, including the fact that another John Green page-to-screen adaptation could be in the works and will be starring Nat Wolff.

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  • Of course, earlier this week John Green posted a video on his well known VlogBrothers YouTube channel covering what the New York premiere of The Fault In Our Stars was like. This video shows why he’s unlike many other authors in the sense that he’s further connected to his audience than most. In this video, John also reminds viewers to read the book first.

    As an avid nerdfighter and YouTuber myself, I don’t think John’s vlog from the premiere made us anymore excited for the movie than we actually are (I’m not sure that’s even possible/) I think the vlog gave many nerdfighters a sense of pride for John, since he’s reached the end of this journey that is The Fault In Our Stars movie. A journey that he included all of Nerdfighteria in with him. Whether you cry the moment that 20rh Century FOX logo comes up on the screen because you know what’s about to happen emotionally.Or if you’re sobbing uncontrollably when the logo pops up because this thing that you’ve watched being made for so long through John’s vlog is suddenly a real thing, that you’re finally getting to experience…Just remember, don’t forget to be awesome.

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