Behind Maddie Ziegler and Will Ropp’s “Kodar: The Primordial God of Light and Ether”

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Maddie Ziegler and Nick Skardarasy pictured in “Kodar: The Primordial God of Light and Ether."

YouTube’s latest Short Of The Week Kodar: The Primordial God of Light and Ether,” directed by actor Will Ropp stars Maddie Ziegler.

When Maddie Ziegler first read the script for her new dramedy short “Kodar: The Primordial God of Light and Ether,” she immediately started googling the title character.

Kodar actually comes from the imaginations of the film co-writers Will Ropp and Nick Skardarasy.

The 11-minute short, which marks Ropp’s directorial debut, tells the story of a doctor (Skardarasy) with social anxiety disorder who has to deliver devasting news to a patient (Ziegler) while dressed as Kodar for Halloween. The two find a moment relief while bonding over their shared love of Kodar.

“It was really cool to read something that had so much heart in just a few pages,” says Ziegler to Variety.

“To be able to encapsulate this big story in such a short thing was just so special.”


The film was inspired by Skardarasy’s father, a doctor who dresses up for Halloween at his office.

“Nick asked his dad, ‘What would happen if you had to give someone a really scary diagnosis while you were in a costume?’” Ropp says. “His dad said he didn’t have to worry that much about it because he’s a general practioner, but it still got Nick thinking about the idea. And once he told me, I was like, ‘I can totally see this as a short.’”

Maddie Ziegler and Nick Skardarasy pictured in “Kodar: The Primordial God of Light and Ether."
Maddie Ziegler and Nick Skardarasy pictured in “Kodar: The Primordial God of Light and Ether.” PHOTO: Kodar

No stranger to the small screen, Will has made guest appearances in hit series including HBO’s newest Mindy Kaling co-created drama, The Sex Lives of College Girls, Love, Victor, and Speechless to name a few. In addition to his many roles, Will has many short films under his belt, including “SCHMIK,” a short film he wrote and produced himself about a drug abuser who falls in love with a telemarketer on a spam call.

The ones to watch actor marked his next great project on the Apple TV + film “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” alongside Zac Efron, Russell Crowe, and Bill Murray. Will portrays Kevin McLoone, one of Chickie Donohue’s (Zac Efron) many friends based in Vietnam during his epic beer run. Will’s character is based on a real Vietnam war veteran who grew up in Inwood, NY. After joining the Vietnam war as a helicopter mechanic, McLoone returned as a civilian repairman – which is where he ran into Chickie during his Vietnam “Beer Run”.

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