Everything You Need To Know About Our New Miss USA

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  • Miss Nevada USA Nia Sanchez crowned Miss USA 2014

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    If you missed the Miss USA pageant last night because you were watching The Tony Awards, Game of Thrones or the NBA Finals, we’ve got you covered!

    The New Miss USA hails from Nevada, and her name is Nia Sanchez. She’s very tan and VERY pretty, obviously. But she’s also kind of a badass.

    As a kid, Sanchez was forced to live in a women’s home with her mother. As a eight-year-old, she began taking self-defense classes as a way to boost her confidence.

    Now, she’s a level four black belt at TaeKwonDo and Miss USA. What a double whammy!

    She believes that self-defense is important in the battle against sexual assault, which is how she answered her interview question. She has devoted her time to visiting women’s shelters and teaching women of all ages how to defend themselves. She also teaches kids about “stranger danger.”

    Many of the runner-up candidates were just as inspiring, overcoming issues like bullying and rape. Hopefully all of these girls will send a positive message of confidence and strength to young viewers and fans.

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