Tom Hiddleston To Take On Country Legend Hank Williams

Tom Hiddleston is set to play iconic country musician Hank Williams in "I See The Light"...Are you ready to hear Loki sing?
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Looks like everyone’s favorite Marvel villain is headed back to the big screen — this time, as a country music legend! That’s right, Tom Hiddleston, most well known for his role as Nordic god, trickster, and villain Loki in Marvel’s “The Avengers” and “Thor” movies will set aside the magic tricks for a guitar instead. He will play the role of country icon Hank Williams in the upcoming biopic “I See The Light.”

  • People really want thor villain loki to get his own movie


    Hiddleston as Marvel’s super-villain, Loki

  • So, what can we expect to see Hiddleston perform? Well, the producers of the movie have already acquired the rights to several songs, including “Hey Good Lookin.”

  • hank williams – hey good lookin’

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  • We’ll give you a second to imagine Tom in that old-school country getup with a guitar, singing his heart out…

  • Minka drooling
  • Done? Yeah, we aren’t either.

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