What Does It Take To Be A YouTuber?

Watch this documentary made by YouTubers, for YouTubers and found out what it takes to be a YouTuber
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • What It Takes | A Documentary About YouTubers

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • Many of What’s Trending’s readers probably found us through YouTube. Whether we interviewed their favorite YouTuber, through a live show, or maybe even a Trending Now video. Point is, a lot of our readers and viewers also watch a lot of YouTube, but have you guys ever wanted to be a YouTuber?

    If you have, you’ve probably seen the documentary Please Subscribe which gives an inside look of some of YouTube’s most noted content creators.

  • Please subscribe a documentary about youtubers movieposter
  • Well, what if there are people who make YouTube videos, but just aren’t at a point where they can treat it as a full time job? With a full time income? Well, that’s what What It Takes is all about. People who make just as much content as those in the big leagues, with just as much effort, with a much smaller audience.

    What It Takes doesn’t cover the aftermath of YouTube stardom, because much of its cast hasn’t experienced it yet. This documentary shows what it’s like to just start out on YouTube, while juggling school and work life at the same time.

    So, has YouTuber and director of What It Takes, Aaron Mull changed your views on what it really takes to be a YouTuber? Let us know your thoughts on the documentary in the comments below, or tweet us @WhatsTrending