San Diego Padres’ Alex Torres First To Rock New Padded Baseball Cap During Game

The MLB gets IsoBLOX, new protective hat.
By Emy LaCroix
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    San Diego Padres pitcher, Alex Torres, played it safe during Saturday night’s game and rocked a new padded IsoBLOX hat.

    Torres was haunted by the sound of a ball hitting his former Tampa Bay Rays teammate, Alex Cobb, in the head about a year ago. The line drive gave him a concussion, but he was lucky it wasn’t worse.

    Torres doesn’t want that to happen to him. When the company IsoBLOX offered to let him try the new protective cap they’ve developed, he jumped at the chance. “It’s a good idea they make this kind of hat to protect my head,” Torres told CNN. “You want to protect life. I don’t have a kid yet, but I want to see my kid grow up.”

    The new product came as a response to an incident in which Arizona Diamondback’s pitcher, Brandon McCarthy, suffered life-threatening injuries from a line drive. McCarthy needed surgery to treat internal bleeding.

    Men’s baseball has the lowest incidence of concussions of all sports, but lack of protection makes head injuries especially dangerous.

    This hat may look a little ridiculous, but if it will protect players we’re all for it!