‘True Blood’ Isn’t Messing Around In Final Season Premiere

First episode of final season ends in death.
By Gillian Burnett
  • True Blood Season 7: Trailer #1 (HBO)

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    Sharpen your claws, floss those fangs and invite that handsome murderous looking stranger in, because True Blood is back. HBO premiered the seventh and final season of True Blood last night, and the first episode ended in a “deadly” shock.

    Going off of the first episode, season seven looks like it’s taking a page out of old True Blood’s handbook, with a simpler plot and a bigger focus on the main characters.

    The episode picked up right where season six left off, the battle between the murderous horde of Hep-V infected vampires and the terror-stricken town of Bon Temps. At this point, we have learned that the town of Bon Temps is anything but a good time. The vicious attack occurred during a rare happy moment, at a vampire-human mixer held in Bellefleur’s Restaurant, formerly Merlotte’s.

    As the H-vamps descend on the party Arlene, Holly and Nicole (Sam’s pregnant girlfriend) are kidnapped. However, a series regular does not make it out alive. SPOILERS!! SPOILERS!! Tara Thornton is killed. In an attempt to save her mother from a H-vamp. NOOOOO!! I may need a minute. Unlike typical character deaths which is in itself series regular, Tara’s death leaves the whole town looking at Sookie as the cause of all of this. FINALLY!

    Meanwhile, Jessica befriends Andy’s daughter, Adilyn, despite Jessica killing three of his daughters already. Bill and Andy go check out the H-vamps nest located in an abandoned building. While Pam is on the hunt for her maker, Eric.

    And if you’re a bit lost, have no fear the lovely people over at Entertainment Weekly have graciously recap all of season six.