British Airways Adds One More Thing For Passengers To Check Before Takeoff

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    As part of measures to ensure the safety of foreign flights into the US, passengers must now be able to turn on their phones before being allowed off the ground. Ditching the uncharged device is not an option, either. Whether you are connecting flights, or just boarding, you will not be allowed on if your device is not charged, period.

    This policy may seem harsh, but it is justifiable.

    “Turning on an electronic device can show a security screener that the laptop computer or mobile phone is a working device and that its batteries are not hidden explosives,” security officials told The Independent.

    The fear that an electronic device can hide explosives has been reignited as US officials claimed new intelligence showed, “that al Qaida’s chief bomb maker, Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, who is thought to be based in Yemen, had linked up with jihadists in Syria to pass on his skills.”

    Other foreign flights entering the US may soon follow suit. As is, uncharged electronic devices may be confiscated before passengers may board in accordance with the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules.

    “If [customers] are unable to power up their electronic device they will not be allowed to fly,” A British Airways spokesman told the Daily Mail. “If it does not power up then it cannot be placed in hand or hold luggage. We advise our customers to please do all they can to ensure that any electronic device they have is fully powered before you arrive at the airport.”

    British Airways added that there will be limited places to charge cellphones. If you are hoping to charge-up between flights, caution should be exercised. In the name of security, perhaps it is best to leave home with full battery.

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