Cocaine Is The New Coffee For Joel McHale And Tony Hale

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    Cocaine is the new coffee.

    At least for Joel McHale And Tony Hale, that is.

    When Jerry Seinfeld started the web series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” back in September of 2012, he must have known the impact it would have on the Internet. Now in its fourth season, with a total of 26 episodes and having been renewed for 6 more seasons, the show’s success is unquestionable.

    Each episode follows a certain format. Seinfeld would first introduce his vintage car, proceed to pick up the guest comedian, then take them out for either coffee or to a restaurant where a conversation would soon develop. These often outlandish conversations tend to result in viewers doubling over with laughter.

    It’s a simple concept. “This is just what we like to do,” Seinfeld told Huffington Post back in a 2012 interview.

    Now 2 years and 26 episodes later, a parody titled “Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine” featuring Joel McHale and Tony Hale has quickly gone viral. Though it is not the first parody of Seinfeld’s web series, it is, without a doubt, a good one.

    “Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine” begins much like Seinfeld’s web series does: Joel McHale gives a brief description of his classic ride, a 1959 Ford Skyliner, and proceeds to pick up Hale, and if you know anything about these two jokesters, hilarity ensues.

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