Sopranos Opening Gets A Makeover… GTA V Style

See the iconic opening scene like you've never seen it before.
By Jay Leone
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    If you search “Sopranos opening” on YouTube, you’ll see several fan-created reenactments of the HBO series’ iconic opening scene which mainly consists of driving along a highway, passing a lot of buildings on the side of said highway, and finally pulling into a driveway, all while puffing on a huge cigar, paired with the song “Woke Up This Morning” by Alabama 3.

    YouTube user 8-Bit Bastard creates a stunningly spot-on rendition of the opening using Grand Theft Auto V gameplay footage. The video is almost an exact recreation of the original scene. There’s absolutely no indication that the game is set in Los Santos, a replica of Los Angeles, Ca., rather than New Jersey, where the actual series takes place.

    If you’re a true Sopranos fan, you might end up watching this more than once.