Everything You Missed From Last Night’s MLB All Star Game

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  • It was Derek Jeter’s night

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    Jeter received a standing ovation from the crowd, both before his first plate appearance, and in the fourth inning when John Farrell replaced him with Alexei Ramirez, according to the Boston Globe. In his final All Star game, Jeter was the center of attention. Going 2-2 with a single, double, and run scored, Jeter exited during the fourth inning as manager John Farrell sent Alexei Ramirez out to take his place at shortstop.

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    However, there was controversy surrounding Jeter’s leadoff double that sparked a three run first inning. According to this tweet from Yahoo! Sports MLB columnist Jeff Passan, Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals, gave Jeter some easy pitches to hit. Wainwright apologized, claiming he was not trying to give up hits, and Jeter gave the best response possible in the situation: “Still gotta hit it.”

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  • However, not everyone remembered Jeter’s first name

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    In a hilarious mistype, CBS News mistakenly put on their Twitter that “Michael” Jeter played in the All Star game. The Internet took full advantage of this, posting links to an actor by the name of Michael Jeter, congratulating “Michael” and much more.

  • While it was Jeter’s night, Trout stole the show


    Up-and-coming phenomenon Mike Trout was awarded the All Star MVP award last night after going 2-3 with a double, triple, and two RBIs in the AL win, the Boston Globe reported. With Jeter on his way out of the game, Trout, only 22, could be the new face of the sport. In addition to his trophy, Trout was awarded a white Corvette to take home. Not a bad prize for the superstar.

    Between Jeter’s farewell and Trout’s arrival to the game, the MLB is looking as strong as ever.

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