Giant, Mysterious Hole Opens Up In Siberia

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  • The following new aerial video, uploaded to Youtube on July 18th, 2014 has quickly amassed over 1 million views in under 24 hours.

  • UPDATE: new aerial footage!

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    Video courtesy: Andrey Naumenko, OGTRK “Yamal-Region”

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  • Mysterious Giant Hole Opens Up In Siberia

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    A ginormous hole randomly opened up in the ground in Yamal, Russia. The word “Yamal” translates to “The End of The World.”

    If that’s not foreshadowing, we don’t know what is. Our hypothesis? ALIENS.

    …But probably not. Although some people have been claiming this could be the aftermath of a UFO landing, global warming is more likely to blame. According to The Telegraph, the crater was likely created by a releasing of underground gasses due to climate change. The pressure buildup underground may have caused a champagne cork effect.

    According to The Daily Mail’s in-depth analysis, the hole is 262 feet wide with charring on the inside. All of the dirt around the hole likely came from inside it.

    The a team of scientists is heading out on an expedition today to run tests and discover the absolute cause. We’re not ruling out aliens just yet.

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