Two Men Lip Sync Two Older Women’s Conversations, Hilarity Ensues

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  • Sisters Episode 1: Strawberries {The Kloons}

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    Mondays are dull, but they don’t have to be. Watch a few funny videos—like this one by The Kloons of Youtube—to shake those Monday Blues.

    Who knew that when Nik and Mitch of The Kloons decided to make a lip-syncing video using recordings Nik had of his mom and aunt’s conversations, that it would be such a huge success?

    From recent movies to “cute shoes” to blueberries or is it strawberries…these women—erm, Nik and Mitch—are sure to bring back memories of holiday dinners with the family.

    Have a few laughs and then pass it on to your aunt or mom. Let’s hope they have a good sense of humor.

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