Delta Airlines Cancels All Flights To Israel

A rocket fire near Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport was cited as the cause.
By Monica Lowe
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  • Business Insider has the details…

    The following is an excerpt from Delta Just Halted All Flights To Israel

    A Delta flight from New York to Tel Aviv was diverted on Tuesday amid reports that a rocket landed near Ben Gurion Airport, the AP reports. The plane turned around mid-flight and headed to Paris.

    It’s not yet clear whether other airlines are going to halt all flights to Israel, but U.S. Airways canceled its Tuesday flight from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv.

  • CBS has more…

    The following is an excerpt from Delta Cancels All Israel Flights Over Missile Fear

    U.S. Airways also suspended service to Israel Tuesday.

    White House spokesman said the Federal Aviation Administration had not as yet not issued a “NOTAM,” or Notice to Airmen, which would warn airlines of hazards along a flight route or at a destination.

    Israeli police said a rocket fired from Gaza landed near the airport, damaging a house and wounding one Israeli.