Vine Superstar Nicholas Megalis Is Unstoppable

Today's featured Vine Star is Nicholas Megalis. Why? Because we still haven't forgotten the gummy worms.
By Sheryl Crespo
  • Ultimate Nicholas Megalis: Best of Vine Compilation

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    Here at What’s Trending, we love Internet sensations. That’s why we chose Nicholas Megalis as our Vine Star of the day.

    At 25-years-old, Megalis has turned Vine into both an artistic and commercial industry. He has almost 4.5 million followers and has attracted the attention of brands such as Virgin Mobile and Trident.

  • WORK IT #catsie: Virgin Mobile

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    Nicholas Megalis was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to Brooklyn several years ago. Megalis showed early signs of musical talent and at age 16, recorded a full album where he played guitar to a drum machine. He gained notoriety through his contributions to the social networking app Vine.

  • Celebrities Be Like

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    “He was so talented, musically, but also very theatrical,” a local music producer told “I was like, ‘Here’s a guy with all these ideas in his head, if he can only get them all out – because his mind is all over the place and he keeps jumping from idea one to another.”

    Megalis has put his mind for show on his Vine channel and the world seems to be enjoying what they see.

  • That face you make when you’re forcing yourself to say something nice.

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    “I do music and art, but I also work as a baby-sitter,” Megalis told the source. “We’d make fart jokes and make up ridiculous stories, which I found really helped with my Vines. I have someone I could bounce them off of, and he also puts me in this totally free frame of mind because kids have no filter and are totally honest – and that’s the key to getting followers: Just be yourself.”

  • I’m so athletic.

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    Being himself has garnered quite a bit of attention. A throwback compilation is enough to remind us all how Megalis is the Megaman of Vine.