Kristen Bell Plays Underpaid Mary Poppins

"Just a three dollar increase can make a living wage," she sings to the tune of 'A Spoonful of Sugar.'
By Monica Lowe
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    Kristen Bell proves, once again, to be one of Hollywood’s best in this new Mary Poppins video for Funny or Die.

    In the video, the 34-year-old star, who plays Mary Poppins, informs children Jane and Michael Banks that she has decided to quit her job as a nanny due to being severely underpaid.

    To prove her point, Bell begins to sing a hilarious parody version of Julie Andrew’s “A Spoonful of Sugar” to help educate the Banks children—she even has a graph!—on just how absurd the minimum wage is.

    “Just a three dollar increase can make a living wage…I don’t get these birds for free,” Bell sings.

    We can see how that could be an issue for Bell, especially when she gets her birds all the way from Mexico…but still…$7.25 an hour really is…


    To watch the trailer, head over to Funny Or Die