Comedy Queen Brittany Furlan Branches Out

Today's Vine superstar, Brittany Furlan, is making her way through Vine stardom.
By Sheryl Crespo
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    At almost 7 million followers, Brittany Furlan is Vine’s most popular female celebrity. Her six-second clips — which often involve creeping on strangers — have helped her carve a path into Hollywood.

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    “Furlan’s rise to Vine stardom was equally fast as it was unexpected. She says she began experimenting with the relatively new social media platform three months after it debuted in January of 2013,” reported The Wrap. “She found the platform to be a creative outlet for her comedy — a genre that was a surprisingly rare find, at the time — and was pleasantly surprised by the public’s appreciation for it.”

    As she started to recruit friends into the Vine community, her video views began to climb. Today, she collaborates with top Viners from friends King Bach to Simone Shepherd in an attempt to maintain her audience’s attention. Furlan, as an aspiring professional comedian, treats Vine as she would treat any other comedy job.

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    “She treats the craft as a job that requires research, dedication, and sacrifice,” the source wrote. “One video a day is a minimal effort to stay relevant with an audience that doesn’t pay a dime for the entertainment she provides, yet is completely comfortable demanding more.”

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    “I have all these followers and I have to deliver what they want to see. Like, if I do what I want to do, they are just going to berate me. It’s literally crazy. If I just try to have fun on my own Vine, because it’s my Vine, they’re like, ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ They act like they’re paying or subscribing to me like a television network,” Furlan joked to the outlet. “I’ve studied what’s popular and tried to taper my comedy to that, and not many people are willing to do that.”

    While Furlan is easygoing and loves to have fun — something that is apparent in her videos — she also believes there is some gravity that comes with making good Vines. To be able to capture people’s attention and get them to laugh in six seconds is an underrated accomplishment.

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    As one of the original Viners who has, amazingly enough, continued to be successful with the medium, Furlan predicts that her following will soon be dwindling. This hasn’t gotten her down though. She originally moved to Hollywood to pursue her comedic career. While she is grateful for her success in Vine, she looks forward to branching out to professional comedy. Having been in several shows already, it seems she is well on her way.