7 Mistakes To Avoid Your Freshman Year

College is right around the corner, and these are some mistakes you do NOT want to make.
By Greg Baker
  • 1. Taking 8 AM classes

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    They may seem late after your 7:05 high school start time, but trust me, it’s going to be tough to get to class in the morning after hanging out with your friends all night.

  • 2. Getting locked out of your dorm room

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    Remember your key ALWAYS! You definitely don’t wanna get stuck outside after your shower when you have a test in 20 minutes!

  • 3. The freshman 15

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  • 4. Spending all your money on adderall

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    College is all about being on a budget, and while sometimes buying study drugs is the “cool” thing to do, you probably shouldn’t spend ALL your money on them. Budgeting is important. You need to save money for things like textbooks and food. Be aware, spending literally every cent you have on some sweet addy is more common of a mistake than you’d think.

  • 5. Drinking before a test

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    It’s one thing to be a little hungover before that big exam, but drinking before a test? Hell no! Many freshman will make this mistake by forgetting about the test or simply saying, “I was gonna fail anyway, might as well get WASTED!”

  • 6. Skipping class in order to commit a B&E

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    We get it. Sometimes you just need a day off from class, and that’s okay! But skipping class to break into someones home? No way, Jose! This is a TOTAL rookie mistake that freshmans make, don’t let it be you!

  • 7. Sleeping with you professor’s mother

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    Okay. SOMETIMES you just really really need that A in OChem, and sleeping with the professor is the ONLY way. We get it. But sleeping with their mother? This is a BIG no. Every year there will be some freshman who thinks that sleeping with the woman who bore their teacher will help improve their grade, but let me tell you, it won’t! Try studying or going to office hours, so long as your teacher’s mom isn’t the tutor.