Celebrities Raise Awareness On Binge Watching TV

"Don't binge watch CNN, you will never finish."
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  • Celebrities warn against the dangers of binge-watching TV

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    We’re all guilty of it. You know, wasting away our days watching episode after episode of our favorite television shows and not regretting a minute of it.

    Binge watching TV shows is a growing epidemic in today’s society and we have unlimited access to these tools through various websites like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

    Some of our favorite TV personalities came together to raise awareness and offer advice on how to safely watching these shows. A few suggestions discussed were staying hydrated, not flip flopping between shows, remember to take breaks if you are single, and most of all do not watch more than 13 episodes at one time.

    Before you decide to have a marathon of your favorite shows, educate yourself on proper ways to binge watch them — you will not regret it.