Say “Hi” To The New Kid On The Block-o! | #WebCrushWednesday

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    This week, we’re crushin’ on this brand-new animated education channel. Partnered with Discovery Digital Networks and TestTube, LifeNoggin is here to bring you premium educational content.

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    Guiding us through each episode is a fun little guy named Blocko. Blocko is here to both tell and show us all these things we might not have known. For those that spend a lot of time getting to know YouTubers that don’t have the millions of screaming subscribers…yet, you might recognize the voice of Blocko as he’s voiced by YouTuber PatDoesIt.


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    Pat isn’t the only YouTuber involved in Life Noggin, however. The new channel’s roster also includes Ian Dokie, Kurt Rauffer, and Chloe Rose. Life Noggin is truly a collaborative work between creators who know and value the YouTube community, which is why we’re so infatuated with this new effort.


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    So, if you’re ready to learn, head on over to LifeNoggin and subscribe! We’re looking forward to seeing Blocko make Mondays a little more fun and to help us keep on thinking!

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