It’s On Us: Sexual Assault PSA

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  • It’s On Us: Sexual Assault PSA

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    If you’re subscribed to many YouTubers, you might have noticed a few of them tweeting or vlogging about being at the White House recently. They were their for the new #ItsOnUs initiative, promoting the idea that it’s on us to prevent sexual assault. Whether that’s through education and teaching younger generations about respect and consent, or by being more than just a bystander when you see something happening.

  • Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank

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    This campaign couldn’t have launched at a better time, as well-known “prankster” Sam Pepper just posted this video of himself going around and groping unsuspecting women. Even the very first woman in the video immediately tells Sam, “I don’t like that.”

    Already, YouTubers have taken to Tumblr, Twitter, and this videos comments section to voice their opinions. Laci Green even started an open letter to Sam on Tumblr which is signed by many of YouTube’s most prominent influencers. You can find, and reblog her letter by clicking here.

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  • We’re so glad and proud to be part of a community where situations like this aren’t just swept under the rug, but brought up for discussion. Not only discussion of what’s wrong in the community, but how we can address and fix these problems. We urge our readers to go and report Sam’s video as abusive content. No form of sexual assault should ever be considered a “prank” that people just laugh off.

    We also urge everyone to visit to take the pledge to prevent sexual assault.

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