High School Football Player’s Post-game Interview Will Inspire You To Go After What You Want

"It's an awesome feeling when you truly believe you're going to be successful, regardless of the situation or the scoreboard."
By Alexandra Zaslow
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    It’s this kind of enthusiasm that gets you an NFL draft pick!

    After a big win for the East View High School football team Friday, player Apollos Hester gave one of the most motivational post-game interviews in the history of high school football.

    “No matter what the score was, we’re going to finish hard and we’re going to finish fast,” the East View Running Back told the reporter. “It took guts and attitude — that’s all it takes to be successful. Win or lose, we realized that we’re going to be alright and it was going to be ok and we were going to keep smiling.”

    He didn’t stop there!

    “Our coach said that it’s going to be hard and it’s going to be tough, but we’re going to go out there and battle and do it for each other and do it for ourselves and we’re going to come out with this win. We truly believe that and it’s an awesome feeling when you truly believe you’re going to be successful, regardless of the situation or the scoreboard,” he continued to say. “If you put in all the effort and all the hard work, you know it’s going to pay off and if it doesn’t pay off, you continue to have each other’s back.”

    This high schooler is an inspiration to all. Even the anchor back in the studio said he was ready to run through a brick wall after watching that interview.

    “If you fall down, just get up. If you can’t get up, you’re friends and your mom and your dad are there to help you up. It’s going to be alright.”