Nurse Blake Opens Up About Extended Tour and Becoming An Online Sensation

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Blake Lynch has become a widely known online nurse, and just extended his Shock Advised Comedy Tour with an additional 45 dates in the United States.

The news comes on the heels of a North America tour in 2023 that saw Nurse Blake take stages in 100 cities followed by a stint down under in New Zealand and Australia to kick off 2024.

Reflecting on his viral success, the star mentioned to What’s Trending, “It’s truly incredible. Initially, I turned to creating content and sharing humorous videos online as a way to cope with the pressures of working as an ER nurse. Little did I know that it would completely alter the course of my life.”

Nurse Blake North American Shock Advised Comedy Tour, spanning 105 cities extended.
Nurse Blake North American Shock Advised Comedy Tour, spanning 105 cities extended.

Lynch also opened up about starting his tour last year and finding success with live shows.

“2023 marked a significant turning point for me, with the success of my North American Shock Advised Comedy Tour, spanning 105 cities, followed by me going down-under to Australia for five shows and New Zealand for one.  This year, the momentum continues to build as I’ve extended the tour with an additional 45 dates across the U.S., and will be performing at Netflix is a Joke Fest on May 4th. It’s been a whirlwind journey, from the unexpected virality of my social media videos to the overwhelming support and connection with audiences in person.”

Lynch has resonated with many LGBTQ+ fans of his as well. He started his career working in trauma centers before transitioning to comedy – amassing over 300 million views online.

Speaking about his audiences reaction to his success and story, he stated. “The response has been very warm and welcoming. When I was in high school, I was sent to an extreme conversion program which attempted to change my sexuality through religious reform. It’s important to me to express and celebrate my identity. It naturally weaves into all my projects from stand-up, to having drag shows at Nursecon at Sea, and even healthcare by creating Banned4Life to end the permanent FDA gay blood ban, helping the lifetime ban to be lifted in 2015.”



Lynch even admits that even though there is a lot he is juggling, he has been able to maintain his balance throughout all his endeavors.

As a former ER nurse, I’m used to working long hours and being ready for unpredictable challenges. I’ve learned to stay cool under pressure and get whatever needs to get done. Of course, I have a great team around me that I can trust and rely on!”

Tickets for the 45-city extension of The Shock Advised tour can be found at Lynch will also be performing Netflix is a Joke in Los Angeles on May 4.

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