New “Jupiter Ascending” Trailer: Sexy In Space

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    The Wachowski siblings have taken a decade-long from hiatus from telling the story of the unlikely Mythic Hero, but the creators of The Matrix trilogy are back with their latest, Jupiter Ascending, starring Mila Kunis as a young house cleaner (yeah, right) who doesn’t yet know that she’s actually destined to be the leader of a royal cosmic race.

    Of course, soon enough, blonde-chin-patched Channing Tatum shows up to be both Obi-Won and Trinity, and to tell her who she really is. Sean Bean is also in the film as a character that will surely die in the third act.

    The Wachowski’s have done great films like Bound and Cloud Atlas, and bad films like every other one, so nothing is certain about Jupiter Ascending. But, when it comes to $200 million space cartoons, this one at least looks visually engaging.

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