Woman shows up at Dulles Airport sporting a homemade DIY Hazmat suit
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    The Daily Caller has published the above photo, sent in by an unnamed reader, showing a woman at Dulles Airport in Washington, DC, sporting what appears to be a personal homemade hazmat suit. Presumably, the full body covering, mask and gloves are designed to protect the woman from the scourge of Ebola, initially brought into the US from West Africa by the late Thomas Eric Duncan. Duncan stopped at Dulles airport on his way from West Africa back to Texas, an association that was likely not lost on this weary passenger.

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    Hazmat suits have become a primary image associated with the recent US Ebola scare. An image of Ebola patient and Dallas nurse Amber Vinson being accompanied on the tarmac of the Atlantic airport by one man NOT wearing a hazmat suit touched off thousands of concerned tweets. (The CDC later confirmed the man was a safety coordinator, whose job it is to keep a safe distance from patients and act as the “eyes and ears” for the whole team.)

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    Early signs also point to Hazmat Suits as a popular option for Halloween costumes this year. Some Dallas costume shops have reported selling out of imitation versions of the suits. The Today Show also recognized Hazmat Suits as a Halloween option, though several editorials have also appeared online calling out the costumes as tasteless.