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    We all have a bucket list, whether it’s written down or not — those things we just have to do before we die. The guys from The Buried Life have such a list, and its much longer than most of ours. In their efforts, they’ve played basketball with President Obama, thrown the most badass party ever, and spent a night in jail.

    Now, they’re holding The Most Epic Bucket List Contest Ever, a chance to win one of these amazing trips through Contiki. Here are our five favorites:

  • Save Turtles in Costa Rica

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    This is a trip through jungles, beaches, volcanoes and rainforests to explore the natural wonder of Costa Rica — and maybe save a sea turtle or two.vAlso, I hear the coffee is pretty amazing. That’s enough for us to want to win this one.

  • Tomorrowland in 2015

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    Included in Contiki’s “Ultimate European Tour” is a pass to the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium. It’s just like Coachella, but you replace sweaty American hipsters with sweaty Eurotrash. Who knows? You might even get to journey to George Clooney’s magical Disney-affiliated land, though, obviously, Contiki can’t guarantee this.

    Whatever, though. A journey through 17 different European countries is magical enough on its own. If this one isn’t on your bucket list, check again. You may not be able to read your own handwriting.

  • Yacht In The Greek Islands

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    Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Doesn’t being on a yacht make me one of those rich corporate asses that everyone despises?” No, it doesn’t! But, you can feel like one of those rich corporate asses for eight whole days for free and that’s the point!

    The Greek Sailing Tour takes you on a sun-soaked journey to the islands of Hydra, Nafplio and Aegina. You WILL feel like Leonardo DiCaprio after this trip.

  • Skinny Dip in the Great Barrier Reef

    800px coral outcrop flynn reef


    If it’s on your bucket list to skinny dip, I ask you to reconsider adding one crucial item. Skinny Dip for thousands of unsuspecting fish! While traveling up the east coast of Australia, you will have many opportunities to drop trou, select your marine victims, and expose yourself to the world’s largest reef system and one of the great wonders of the world. Don’t worry about it — it’s totally legal!

    The only thing I’ll recommend is that you cover up your junk if you see one of these guys.

  • Full Moon Party in Thailand

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    Last but not least, your bucket list should contain a series of insane parties in Thailand with the guys from The Buried Life. (Do not be fooled. If you should end up partying in Thailand with Nev from Catfish, you may not cross this item off your list.)

    This is an island hopper trip, so you’ll never be staying in one place, and these are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s a trip that should be on anyone’s list, and only comes with a very small chance of eventually being featured on Locked Up Abroad.

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