70 Year Old Rapper Named ‘Bitcoin’ Sings About Getting Laid (NSFW)

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  • Best B#$*h – BITCOIN

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Whatever you were planning on doing with your retirement isn’t any more dignified than what YouTube sensation ‘Bitcoin’, who probably just heard the word somewhere and decided it was ‘hip’, is doing. His latest hit, affectionately titled “Best Bitch,” is about the “best” woman that he has ever had the pleasure of making love to, and the most appealing qualities in the young lady (for which he has a deep and meaningful appreciation).

    Some choice poetic selections include:

    “I’ve bagged 87 girls just to be exact, but you’re my best that’s a fact. Doesn’t hurt you’ve got a rack. And pants that show a little crack let me have a smack. And I don’t need to spend a stack.”


    “In case you didn’t notice, I f*ck a lot of girls from stores and fast food places. And in Espanol for all you Spanish-speaking fans out there, las mejores aplicaciones.”

    Take some notes, gentlemen.

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