Josh Paler Lin’s “Generous Homeless” Video Is Probably A Total Scam

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  • A few weeks ago we reported on a video from YouTube prankster Josh Paler Lin, which showed Lin giving a homeless man $100, then followed him to see how he spent it. The homeless gentleman took the money, purchased groceries, and donated it to other impoverished individuals.

    Now, as should come to no surprise, the video turns out to be a huge fake.

    In an interview with Vocativ, witness Taugan Tam Kadalim shares her story:

    But now a nursing student from Anaheim has come forward to say there’s no way Thomas could have been secretly filmed—because he and Lin arrived at the liquor store in the same car. “The whole thing is bullshit,” says Taugan Tan Kadalim, who claims that on Dec. 20 he was outside the Euclid Liquor & Market, where the video’s pivotal scene is set. “Thomas knew he was being followed.”

    Check out the original video, which has been watched over 29 million times:

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    Lin has since started an Indiegogo page for “Thomas,” which has raised over $130,000.

    Meanwhile, the homeless man’s brother, Kevin Nickel, told CBS Los Angeles that he’s not broke at all.

    “He’s sitting on money,” Kevin said, not sure if his brother is even aware of the Indiegogo money being collected on his behalf. “But this is a scam. This money needs to go to people who really need it.”

    Kevin fears his brother is being manipulated and that if he does get the money he uses it to get help.

    Kevin says that “Thomas”‘s real name is Kenny Nickel, and that he’s owed $150,000 from his parents’ estate, after their deaths last year.

    This is 2015 reminding us all that nothing is real and hope is dead.

    h/t Gawker

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