Jon Stewart Kicks Seth Rollins in the Groin on WWE Raw

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  • Our favorite feud of 2015 keeps on trucking, and now the fight is getting dirty! Daily Show host Jon Stewart appeared on WWE Monday Night Raw to confront wrestler Seth Rollins. The two have been going back and forth since Rollins claimed he should replace Stewart as host of the Daily Show.

    And then things got ugly.

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  • The sight of Jon Stewart, who described himself as “160 lbs of dynamite” before downgrading that to 160 lbs of “a soft wood, like balsa,” actually standing in the ring with the hulking Rollins is pretty awesome. The classic heel move Stewart pulls off was pitch-perfect pro wrestling drama. What’s Rollins going to do about it? Will this feud ever end? Is the only solution a final confrontation on upcoming Wrestlemania? (We hope so!)

    All we know is that the Stewart/Rollins beef is one of the best things to happen in 2015 so far.

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