Fantasy Mashup: “The Princess Bride” Meets “Game of Thrones”

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  • “The Princess Bride” is a beloved childhood fantasy classic. “Game of Thrones” is a beloved fantasy classic that is absolutely not appropriate for children. Hence the genius of this “Princes of Thrones” mashup.

    WARNING: Spoilers and lots of violence ahead.

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  • Created by Todd Spence and Shawn Kohne, this video takes all the best lines from Bride’s Grandpa, and all the most over-the-top ultraviolence from GoT, for this clever and funny mashup. We even get the classic Inigo Montoya line, spoken by — of course — the late Oberyn Martell.

    Would we read/watch “Princess of Thrones”? Absolutely. Would we read it as a bedtime story for a young boy? No! Grandpa what are you thinking?

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