Roman Atwood TPs Howie Mandell’s House

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    The greatest pranks ever played are executed on the people who really deserve it, or who would hate it the most, and nothing could be more intrusive than soiling the home of famed germophobe and eccentric private TV personality Howie Mandel.

    YouTuber Roman Atwood recently took advantage of his neighbor’s absence by getting his wife and his son in on the joke by TP’ing the entire front of his house for when he shows up after being picked up from the airport.

    The duration of the video is mainly people having fun toilet papering a house, but the payoff at the end is amazing as Howie himself is not only appalled at the act, but at his loved one for wanting to film the spectacle.

    Protip: Never live next to a famous YouTuber whose repetoir includes celebrity pranks. Or, well, really, never live next to a YouTuber.

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