James Corden Takes Over LA Intersection for “Grease” Performance

Watch out for greased lightnings
By Bailey Johnson
  • The Late Late Show has come out swinging since James Corden took the reign’s of CBS’s post-midnight talk show. But Corden, every the professional, knows his show needs something extra special to stand out. Something people will be talking about for years. Something that will, hopefully, end without someone getting hit by a car.

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Yes, it’s the classic musical Grease. Corden knows that art is for the people, and that’s why he decided to stage a musical in the middle of LA’s Beverly Blvd. and Genesee Ave. The commuters seem to like it! You know, as long as the performers get off the road by the time the light turns green.

    In a total coincidence, Beverly & Genesee is the site of a giant billboard for The Late Late Show. But Corden, ever the professional, probably didn’t even notice.