CNN Has a Doomsday Video to Play When the World Ends, And it’s Super Boring

John Oliver shows us how to spice up CNN's Doomsday video, just add Martin Sheen
By Bailey Johnson
  • Started in 1980, CNN was the first all-news network on television. And when the world ends, they’re hoping you’ll turn to them for the last thing you’ll ever see. There is an actual tape, produced by CNN-founder Ted Turner himself, that the network is instructed to broadcast at the end of the world. Turns out, the segment is super boring! But John Oliver and the good folks at Last Week Tonight are here to help spice up the Doomsday tape.

  • CNN’s video, which Oliver plays a short clip from, is just a marching band playing “America the Beautiful” slowly. No explosions. No deep-voiced narrators telling us how we all messed up. Just the band. As Oliver points out, “To be fair, when the world ends it would be comforting to look at any marching band and think, ‘at least they’ll all die too.'”

    But how to make the Doomsday video better? Just add former-fake president Martin Sheen! It’s a simple formula, but it works. And that’s really all we could ask for on our last day on Earth.