Mike Tyson Sings Rolling Stones on Latest Lip Sync Battle

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  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • It was the battle of the bulk on the latest Lip Sync Battle. Mike Tyson and Terry Crews faced off on Spike’s hit show. The two muscled men went with very different styles in their quest for lip sync glory (which is apparently a thing now).

    Iron Mike kicked things off with the Rolling Stones classic, “Satisfaction.” And, to be honest, he kind of nailed it! Not enough to make us forget about the time he bit another dude’s ear off. But he did well. We also dig his understated, Mick Jagger turtle-neck-and-tight-pants vibe.

    Terry Crews, awesome and exuberant as ever, took it to a different kind of old school when he rocked Run-DMC’s “Sucker MC’s”. Lip Sync Battle hasn’t seen a lot of classic hip-hop in its brief run, so we’re glad Crews brought a change of pace. And we mean he brought it. He’s Terry Crews! He’s always awesome.

    Still, we’d have to give this round to Tyson. But that’s just us! What do you think? Let us know!

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