Game of Thrones’ Grey Worm Drops Unsullied Beats in Rap Music Video

British actor Jacob Anderson is also R&B singer Raleigh Richie
By Bailey Johnson
  • British actor and singer Jacob Anderson is best-known to Internet fans as “Grey Worm,” leader of the Unsullied Army on HBO’sGame of Thrones, but he’s actually an R&B singer too.

  • Anderson released “The Greatest” under his R&B moniker Raleigh Richie. In the video, the actor most Americans see working for Khaleesi shows what he does on nights out: drink and dance at a warehouse party!

  • The singer-actor says he’s more recognized as Raleigh Richie than his Game of Thrones characters. The singer has released three EPs and has a full-length album in the works.

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