Let’s Smash a Super-Cooled Apple into Dust, For Science!

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  • If you’re thinking about dunking an apple in liquid nitrogen until it’s completely frozen and then smashing it with an 80 lb. weight at home, don’t do it! The video description makes clear that the following application of science should not be attempted at home. (But if you happen to have liquid nitrogen kicking around your home, you probably get into all kinds of trouble anyway, don’t you?)

    With that important warning out of the way, let’s watch someone freeze an apple in liquid nitrogen and then smash it with an 80 lb weight!

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • This experiment comes courtesy of Youtuber carsandwater, whom you may know as the mastermind behind all the red hot nickel ball videos the Internet loves. Is this the sign that our favorite YouTube experimenter is moving from super-hot to super-cold videos? We’re super excited to find out.

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