Jimmy Kimmel Discovers People Don’t Care about “American Idol”

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  • “American Idol”, which recently announced its next season will be its last, is not the cultural juggernaut that it once was. During the hey day of FOX’s iconic talent show, it was almost impossible to ignore the Idol competition. These days? Not so much. In fact, if you went out on the street and asked people about the current season of “American Idol”, people probably wouldn’t know what you’re talking about. But as Jimmy Kimmel discovered in his latest installment of “Lie Witness News”, people sure are willing to fake it!

    The best response is definitely the guy who thought Joe Biden was not only an Idol contestant but also a former football player. But we have a soft spot for the guy who kept on going with his obviously fake story about watching the finals… with his family… um, his brother and sister… it was great. People, it’s okay to say “I don’t know.” Or, more accurately, “I don’t care.”

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