Paul Scheer is Re-creating Moments from “TRL” with “Scheer-RL”

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  • The 90’s are back! Comedian Paul Scheer is bringing back some classic moments from MTV’s seminal countdown show TRL. Doing his best Carson Daly impression, Scheer is recreation scenes from the long-running show for… some reason. We’re not totally sure. Is he just highlighting the zany pop star antics that took place over the decade-plus run of “TRL”? Is he trying out his hosting chops in case MTV brings it back? Or maybe he’s just doing a public service, reminding the world of the time Mariah Carey took her clothes off on live TV.

    If Paul Scheer is a convincing Carson Daly, then Silicon Valley‘s Kumail Nanjiani is unrecognizable as a bubbly Mariah Carey. We will be spending the rest of the day frantically searching the Internet for video of the real Mariah’s actual appearance on the show. Because if it’s as insane as this “Scheer-RL” recreation, it’s a must watch.

    Check out another “Scheer-RL”, posted by JASH, featuring Terry Crews as P. Diddy:

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