Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants to Blow Sh*t Up With You

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  • Body-builder-turned-actor-turned-politician-turned-actor-again Arnold Schwarzenegger has worn many hats over his illustrious career. One of his most recent turns is “enthusiastic redditor”. The former governor has taken to the social site many times to promote his work with the After-School All-Stars, a non-profit that provides after-school programs for children. It’s a good cause, but the real draw here are the videos Schwarzenegger has made promoting the charity. As the trailer above says, a simple $10 donation gives you the chance to join Schwarzenegger for a day on wanton destruction. The Terminator’s offer is simple, “I’m inviting you to Los Angeles to blow shit up with me.”

  • Sounds fun! You can send donations on Schwarzenegger’s Omaze page, or simply watch Ah-nold walk away from explosions in slow-motion all day. There are no wrong choices here.

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