Verne Troyer Filmed A Police-Suspect Showdown At LAX Today

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    If you’re Verne Troyer, you must get pretty sick of people yelling “Verne Troyer!” or “Mini-Me!” at you everywhere you go. That’s the first thing I think when I watch this video. The crazy guy who refuses to stop when the police are threatening to shoot him is secondary.

    Despite his catcallers, Troyer had a real heads-up play at Los Angeles International Airport this morning, when he followed the police, following a suspect of some sort around the terminal, as they demanded he stop and get on the ground.

    The man refuses, even one time throwing off the handcuffs of an arresting officer, before being tased at the end of Troyer’s two-minute long video.

    If I could encourage Troyer to change one thing about his style, it would be to film using a traditional horizontal aspect ratio. He is in the film industry, after all.

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